1. Why use GharKaAahar instead of calling up the restaurant or placing order online from any other food delivery service?

The answer is simple, we deliver home cooked food, made with love and care especially for you. Restaurant or other food ordering services will not have this, you will end up having food from some kind of restaurant only.

2. Does GharKaAahar charge any extra fees? How costly the almost same menu would be compared to a restaurant food?

First of all, you cannot compare a food served from/ at restaurant with the food from GharKaAahar. However, on the price point we try to be competitive and keep our price as low as possible to give you value for money. However, all the price mentioned are fixed directly by the Chef, we just add Service Tax and Delivery Charges where needed. NO hidden fees, NO processing fees and NO transaction fees. 

3. What if the search option on the site does not show any dishes in a particular area?

That means there is no Chef available in your area. We try to cover a reasonable radius area from where the Chef is uploading the dish, but unfortunately if you do not see any dish for your area or Pin Code, please send us a feedback and we will try to get some Chef in your preferred area soon. 

4. Can orders from multiple Chefs be combined together?

You can certainly order from more than one Chef around your locality at a time, but it isn’t always possible to combine the deliveries. 

5. Can I cancel my order after placing it successfully?

Once an order is placed and it is accepted by the Chef, it cannot be cancelled. We understand this may sometime upset you, but as our Chefs do not operate in high value, one wrong order means a bigger loss for them. We always try to make both sides happy, isn’t it!

6. If required, how do I get refund of my money?

If the order is placed and paid but the Chef rejects it we will immediately credit the money back if paid through online to the source. However, as we do not accept and cancellation of order post it is placed successfully, there will be no refund for the same. 

Chef's Corner